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Don't Miss Video 9 THE LOVE REVOLUTION! A vital sermon and much more!

Video 1

God's Miracles Warning USA (Repent or Judgement)

Rock Was Found On July 4th 2021, Which Day Vividly Points To America!

Video 2

Fuel For Revival. An Amazing Sermon Is given At A Meaningful Location, And Further My Name Called Out With A Special Prophecy.

The Sermon further was given on 11/22/2020 a very unique date, which points at moving from being apart and alone to unity and companionship with 2020 vision. I never noticed how unique the date was until God somehow set similar dates around a special 21 day fast where my dentures got run over with a vehicle during the fast and leaving me without teeth for exactly 21 days, and those dates being 1/11/2022 2/2/2022. After a 21 fast surrounded with such peculiar dates and also without teeth for 21 days I then noticed the date of this sermon as well as other unique dates with unique events. For more see documents 2 and 6 at www.PleaseReadThem.com.

Video 3

Nine Amazing Issues About Veiling And Much More!

Video 3.1

More Vital Issues About Veiling

See Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q_ZnObw43w

Video 4

A Vital Video Sharing Amazing Miracles And Issues.

See Video At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u53oLGKBtMw

Video 5

What Was The Bread Jesus Really Broke At The Last Supper?

What was the bread Jesus broke saying this is my body which was broken for you? Was it the vital Passover Lamb (remember meat certainly can be called bread) that throughout all of history continually pointed to Christ's body being broken for us? Or was it the mere unleavened bread, a bread not even particular to the special Passover meal but had throughout the entire 7 day feast?

Video 6

Shares Vital Issues Regarding Biblical Sexuality.

And Exposes Our World's Incredible Confusion Thereabout.

Video 7

An Earth Toilet System Our World Greatly Needs to Prevent Both

Pollution And Sickness As Well As Depleted Soil And Famine.

See Video At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0CA0RXLsDk

For more see www.LiftUpThePoor.com, www.ToiletToilet.com, and www.PleaseExploreIt.com

Video 8

A Special Letter About A Love Revolution Placed Into Video Form.

May God Bring About The Blessing And Fellowship It Speaks Of!

Relates Closely To The Next Video (9).

See Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBRefZDBirg

Read the letter at www.PleaseReadThem.com. Given as document 3.


A Most Passionate Sermon On Love And Much More!

Sermon of 2/20/20/22. God Wants To Give 2020 vision surrounded with

love, unity, and companionship as the twos represent!

The Unique Date I First Visited This Special Church.

Video 10

A Vital Document Read Aloud

What Does Baptism In The Name Of Really Mean?

The Father, Son, And Holy Ghost, Their Meaningful Distinction And Relation.

Sorry Sometimes The Voice Sounds Strange, But Still Understandable.

See Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj7mR6j1oXI

Read the document at www.PleaseReadThem.com Document 4.

Video 11

A Fiery Sermon About Breaking Chains

Of Egypt And Reaching God's Promise Land!

God Wants Good Change And May It Come Soon!

The Serpents Cruel Lies Have Been Hid For Far To Long!

Sermon of May 22/2022. May 22 occur and that being God braking chains of religious error and oppression and rather giving truth, unity, and companionship as twos represent!

Video 12

A Tour Of Our Property And Showing A Dozen Signs

Which Share Many Meaningful Miracles That Occurred Here.

Video 13

Prophecy By Liberty Turnipseed - [Spirit Move Ministries]

A Fresh Rain Is Coming! Start Watching At 9 Minutes 30 Seconds!

This Prophecy Certainly Aligns With What I Have Felt God Is Going To Do

To Restore 2020 Vision And Unity Within Our Divided And Confused Religious World.

This Video Corresponds With Document 6 At www.PleaseReadThem.com.

A Prophecy Of A New And Refreshing Rain, A Newness Of The Truth Of Who He [God] Is, And The Church Being On A Renewed Foundation With Truth And Clarity. Open Hearts And Minds, A Rain That Will Do What Has Not Been Done Before, A Rain That Will Be Beautiful With Freshness Never Seen Or Known Before, A Rain That Will Bring A Newness To The Vision God Has For His People. A Rain Of Newness In Your Life, Your Walk, Your Call, Your Voice, And Most Of All In The Glorious Realm [Glorious For Now And Eternity]!

This is the text starting at 9 min 30 sec. "The Lord gave me another vision of rain coming down, but it was very crisp and refreshing looking. Um it’s a renewed freshness, a fresh rain is coming, and it is more than just refreshing his people, it’s a fresh rain of the newness of what He is a about to do on the earth. A newness of the truth of who He is, and a newness of the church and the body of Christ being on a new foundation, with freshness and fullness and crispness and truth and clarity. Open hearts open minds, this is a fresh new rain, a refreshing a newness coming to my people and my body. This rain will do a different work, a work that has not been done, a work that has not been done, this rain will bring a new foundation, that has not been previously been worked with. This rain will be beautiful, and it will smell amazing, there will be freshness never seen or known before. We will sense it in the Spirit you guys, not necessarily physical, in the Spirit we’re going to feel the freshness like never seen or know before. This rain is not just a refreshing rain, it is not just a rain of cleansing, but it is a rain of newness of Christ and all that Heaven offers his people, as they go through the transition of times and season preparation to be the end time army. You will feel the beauty of the washing, and the renewal the renewed faith, and the renewed strength, the renewed vision is all going to come in this new rain that heaven has been preparing to pour out. This rain will fall afresh, but it will be full of a renewed spirit, my Spirit. This is much more than just a refreshing from heaven, this is the rain my people have been waiting for, the rain of truth and clarity. As the heat has been turned up and things have begun to rise to the surface, this rain will be so refreshing and bring a newness to the vision I have for my people and for my body. Oh my people stand in the rain, let this rain bring a newness of life, in your walk with me, and in the body of Christ. Oh stand in the rain and receive my people, this rain will clear atmospheres, it will make way for things that have been blocked. This is not a painful rain. This is not, this is not just a refreshing, this is a newness of life, a newness in you walk, in your call, in your voice, in your anointing, and most of all in the glory realms."

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